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Have you ever wondered who your financial advisor really works for, you or the firm?

Building a relationship of trust means placing your interests first, thats what we do every day, and have done so for over 20 years.These are uncertain times to say the least, and that is why proper retirement planning, tailored to your specific goals and objectives has never been more important.

At Wichman, Newell & Stephan Professional Investment Planning Group, you can sit down face to face with Kevin R. Wichman, CRPC and Brian L. Stephan, CFP to discuss your current plan and investments.

If you currently have over $250,000 in investments,call Kevin or Brian today to arrange a no obligation, confidential appointment.

At Wichman, Newell & Stephan, our mission is to listen to you and work with you as a team, to help you work toward your retirement goals of income and independence.

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